Server Information

Welcome to Klaipeda MMO, where you can enjoy a unique and unparalleled adventure. Below, we provide detailed information about our server, so that you can make the most of all the features we offer.

As the official Klaipeda Ragnarok Online server, we strive to provide you with a high-quality gaming experience. We invite you to explore our options and customize your adventure to your preferences. Don't wait any longer to immerse yourself in this exciting virtual world!

Gepard Shield
Bugs Free

Impressive Features

Welcome to Klaipeda Ragnarok Online! We are a medium rates server that allows you to create your character in no time and participate in the different game modes we have to offer. Our server is based on the popular MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, which has captivated players around the world for over a decade.

In Klaipeda Ragnarok Online, you can experience the latest updates and expansions of the original game, such as episodes 16.1 Banquet for Heroes, 16.2 Terra Gloria, Rock Ridge, Illusion Dungeons, 17.1 Illusion, 17.2 Sage's Legacy, 18 Direction Of Prayer, Episode 19: Issgard, Land of Snow Flowers, 4th Jobs & 4th Extendeds, and much more! Our server is constantly updated with new content to keep the game fresh and exciting.

We also offer many instances for you to enjoy and explore, along with DDoS protection and Gepard Shield to ensure fair play without cheats. Additionally, our dedicated server hosted in Canada on the best global network provides the best performance when playing.

Join our community of players and live the adventure in an exciting virtual world full of surprises. Come and experience everything that Klaipeda Ragnarok Online has to offer!

  • Selective EXP Rate: Yes
  • Ques EXP Rate: 75x
  • 3rd Max Level: 200/70
  • 4th Max Level: 250/50
  • Exp. Max Level: 250/60
  • Exp. 4th Max Level: 250/50
  • Max Status: 130
  • Summoner Class: Available
  • 4th Summoner: Available
  • Rebellion Awak: Available
  • Welcome Pack: Available
  • Battleground: 10 modes
  • Gepard Shield 3.0: Available
  • LGP: Available
  • Star Emperor: Available
  • Episode 17.1: Available
  • Episode 19: Available
  • Drop Rate: 75X
  • Cards: 1.00%
  • Homunculus Max Level: 250
  • Cards MvP: 0.01%
  • Asian Proxy: Available
  • Voting system: Available
  • Card Points: Available
  • MvP Rewards: Available
  • Anti Pay To Win: Available
  • Rewards por hora: Available
  • Rock Ridge: Available
  • Episode 16.1: Available
  • Episode 16.2: Available
  • Soul Reaper: Available
  • Episode 17.2: Available
  • Episode 18.1: Available

Come and join us in Klaipeda Ragnarok Online and experience all of these amazing features!